我们会尽可能早的发现有出色水准的顶尖赛驹——理想情况下,b-Horses GmbH集团会在这些优质赛驹还未出生、仍旧在其母系体内时就买下它们。我们将会对这些小马驹提供专业的培育,进而会一对一地进行个体化训练。在训练过程中,我们会根据客户的计划来制定训练的具体过程。目标是让优质赛驹保持高水准,进而不断提升实力,同时我们会对它的未来生涯设定中期以及长期的计划。

b-Horses GmbH集团的主要目标是制定专业策略,以在全球范围内对赛马进行管理与营销。不论是对骑师和赛驹进行个体化和以目标为导向的训练与指导,还是对小马驹及赛驹的买入和拍卖,都始终遵循着这一理念。

b-Horses Philosophy Picture 1
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b-Horses Philosophy Picture 3

Young Horses


夏季,我们的小马驹将在荷斯坦(Holstein)的草地上度过它们的成长期。秋季,它们则将待在我们的马房内,为未来的职业生涯做准备. 这也是b-horses的理念之一

b-Horses Young Horses
b-Horses Young Horses
b-Horses Young Horses


2013 Jumping Horses

Cador - Acord II

UELN: DE418180136513 Breeding Association: OS
Clarcona b

Clarcona b

2014 Jumping Horses

Clarcon - Larimar

UELN: DE421000051514 Breeding Association: HOL
Akela b

Akela b

2018 Jumping Horses

Apardi - Lavaletto

UELN: 056015Z55232918 Breeding Association: HANN, Z
Zanzano b

Zanzano b

2018 Jumping Horses

Zirocco Blue - Quidam de Revel

UELN: DE421000073918 Breeding Association: HOL

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Safe travels Cerdous b

2017 we purchased the 5yo Cerdous b (Caspar (Berlin) x Quasimodo) and right from the start we knew that he has the talent and character that everybody is looking for. He knows how to impress his rider not only in the ring and delivers every time. Cerdous is placed up to 1,45 classes and we are very proud about his consistent performance over the last years. Now he found a great new home in Switzerland and we wish the new owners all the fun that we had with him. Bye bye Cerdous b


Another goodybe to another great mare - Heavens light b

The 7yo Heavens light b by Stanfour x Corrado I is sold to Italy. She entered our stable in 2019 and took everybody’s hearts by storm because of her positive and competitive character. This mare has everything a rider could wish for, especially her will to always go clear gives everybody goosebumps. She is highly successful and placed many times in the 1.40 YH classes. Due to her great quality, scope and mindset she is ready to take the next big steps in 1.45 classes. One of our best youngsters is leaving the stable but we are more than happy that a very successful rider from Italy will continue the journey with her. Congratulations and best wishes to Italy.


Successful weekend at Peelbergen

It has been a very successfull weekend for team b-horses at the showground in Peelbergen. Our riders Johanna Kuehl, Michael Ziems, Lennard Runge and Lily Buonvicini showed many clear rounds with many great results such as: A 2nd place for Michael Ziems and Lucky Luke EW in the 1.40m, a 6th place for Lennard Runge and Chabaloue in the CSI1* GP, a 8th place for Johanna Kuehl and Jornada in the CSI1* GP and a 10th place for Lily Buonvicini and Lyritz in the CSI1* GP. Great job team b-horses.



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